Why is it difficult finding a job in Denmark as a foreigner?

Nowadays, finding a job in Denmark as a foreigner is a challenge, but with an extra effort it can be done. From my experience, if someone will need to choose between me and a Dane, it will always hire the Dane. But let’s face it, every country will first select their own candidate when it come between choosing two individuals with the same background. Of course, the Dane knows the language and culture and adapts faster to the Danish working environment.
So, the question is, what can you do in order to make the companies I was applying to hire you?

1. Learn Danish Language
I struggled some time with this question, especially when I saw that lately more and more Danes are becoming unemployed. Even though English is the second language here, and even the companies as their corporate language have their first language English, yet Danish is a must. The majority of jobs in Denmark are posted in Danish, and requires the Danish language. So, I recommend when you come in Denmark ask for the free language courses and put an effort in to it. Also, exercise every day the language, and it will become easier and easier to talk it, thus increasing the chances to find a good job and to make new friends.

2. What if I do not speak Danish? How can I find a job?
I have meet many persons speaking English as a first or second language willing to find a job in Denmark. It is not easy, but it can be done. There are some websites like: jobnet.dk, jobindex.dk, globalturn.dk workindenmark.dk that can provide a solution. If you are

willing to get extra money as a student, ask for a part time at your University or at the local restaurants. For sure they will need an extra hand. For example, my part time job while I was a student was to deliver newspapers. It is easier to find part time jobs in English than full time one.

3. Obtain a Danish Diploma
Having a Danish Diploma, no matter if your studies were in English or Danish, will increase your chances within finding a job. Yet, combining your gained knowledge with the Danish language it will considerable increase your chances.

4. Gain experience
Danish persons love to volunteer and appreciates persons who are also involved in different types of activities. On the www.volunteering.dk you might find something suitable for you in your town. I think through volunteering or frivillig, as Danes say it, you gain extra knowledge about the Danish culture, learn the language and help others. From my volunteering experience I can say that indeed helps you to adapt to the Danish working environment of performing together or as part of a group.

5. Improve your social media skills
What brought me on my first internship was social media channels. Danes are curious and they put a lot of effort into social platforms. They check everything. They will check you Facebook profile, your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. I remember seeing my profile on LinkedIn being checked by the company I was applying to. So if you want to increase your chances of finding a job, remember to have all the social media channels updated.