My personal experience with Globalturn :)

As a job seeker, I was always trying to approach find new sites that will give me an insight about how to conduct the perfect CV. Nowadays, building a good resume it is not enough. The companies are searching for the perfect candidates, meaning that as a job seeker you need to create your own individualized CV every time you apply for a position. So, I always created a new type of CV in order to highlight the skills and attributes the job was requiring, otherwise I had no chances to be called for an interview. Furthermore, in my internship hunting period I was always keen to create a new account on different platforms, that were ensuring that I can find my dream job there. Nothing worked, until I found Globalturn.

My first impression was vague, did not know what to expect, but however I give it a chance and I created an account there. I saw, that they are providing an excellent template for building a professional CV and I give it a try. Conducting my resume was also based on the kind of internships I was searching for. Globalturn eased my work by helping me integrate all my different skills from my CVs in one, which I founded extra time efficient. I also noticed that there were many opened position in the area I wanted to work, so I just started to apply. Many start-ups from different countries were looking for interns, and I was pleased to see that after several hours I was

already contacted.

Personally, since I started using the platform I was contacted in two days from more companies than I used to be contacted in one month while using other job searching platforms. Certainly, I find it easy to work with and innovative due to the transparency it provides. I could connect with persons from the companies I applied and chat, which I founded really appealing to me. There are also instructions made on how to build a video CV, which means that gives you the opportunity to make a one-minute short video where you can describe yourself.

From my experience, companies asked me to create one to three minute video before actually calling me to the interview, so they can comprehend better if I fit the description or not. But with this platform it is easier. It was not just applying to the position available on the website. It provided more. I easily download both the traditional the video CV to have it and apply further, or I just send the link of my Globalturn profile direct to the position I wanted.So, having the chance to download in the pdf format my CV from the website, eased the chances to find my desired internship.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to Globalturn that I found my dream internship. Just give it a try, it is free, great and super time efficient! It helped me and I bet it could help you also to find your dream/internship dream position!